Some of you may know we’ve had a little secret up our sleeves and told you to save a very special date…

We are delighted to invite you all to our 10th birthday event, alongside celebrating a decade of our old friends, Shindigger! On September the 9th, from 2pm until 2am, we will be taking over The Yard, Manchester, to bring you live music, stalls, free workshops and some real good food.

Expect plenty of live music, including first ever festival performances from some of the most exciting acts in the city, alongside exclusive back-to-back DJ sets, curated especially for this event.

Join your host Jenna G as we launch the day with a showcase from Reform’s flagship DJ and artist development programmes, with a B2B set from SiCA and Sacapuntas Selector followed by live, soulful bliss from Saint Harmony and Beatrix. In homage to Reform’s first studio and to recognise those early pioneers, Bobby James, Horace James, Wayne Parkes & One Million Sunsets we proudly present the DJ supergroup The Basement All Stars.

Following them, another Reform Resident supergroup, The Nandina Collective combine psychedelic-funk inflected sultry 70s grooves, with driving percussion and floating melodies; music made for dancing.

Andrea Trout goes B2B for the first time with ShinDigger Sessions favourite, Léna C. Mysteriously masked Reform residents Cooper T bring their riotous live show to the early evening, before we launch into the dance, with fellow 10 year birthday boy Levi Love going B2B with Reform’s very own drowzee. 

Following his incredible recent release on Reform’s record label Rhythm Lab Records, it felt only right to bring Obeka’s energetic percussive live show to proceedings. Fresh off the back of shutting down Manchester International Festival, all female and non-binary rap collective HERchester will take to the stage for an explosive cypher. 

Our last live act of the night, with her last show before heading out on a European tour, is none-other than OneDa. Seeing us into Sunday, we have the legendary Mr Scruff  performing exclusively with Superlative for the first time since the release of their collaboration, Read All About It. To close the night, we bring together two of our favourite selectors in the city for their first B2B together, expect plus 140 BPM madness from Murder He Wrote and DR MYSTERY.

ShinDigger will be pouring a range of 8 draught beers on the day, including the new release Yuzu Pale created with Reform Radio. Meanwhile you can keep your bellies full with Carribbean food from Knights BBQ (including their legendary smoked jerk chicken) and Greek BBQ from Souvlaki Xpress. Kids are free and welcome till 7pm, with face painting, ball pit, workshop activities, films and sweet treats to keep them entertained.

Hop into the fun whenever from 2pm and join this celebration of community, music, arts and a whole decade of Reform Radio and Shindigger.

Tickets are available here now – grab them early so you don’t miss out!

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Free Online Writer’s Retreat – Writers’ HQ

Various dates from 1st October, link here

What happens at an online Writers Retreat?

Writing, and lots of it.

Online writing retreats run once a week, alternating weekends and Wednesdays. They’re free to join and available in the UK and worldwide so you can attend from the comfort of your own sofa.

Simply join Writers’ HQ for a brief webinar introduction where they’ll get you to set your writing goal for the session.

You’ll be given set times in which to write, set times to check in on the community forums, and you can use the Writer’s HQ gang of awesome writers to help keep you motivated and accountable.

Then at the end of the retreat, check in for a debrief, gold stars, and rounds of applause for all your hard work.

Click here for more information and to sign up.

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Creative Activity Groups for Neurodiverse Young People – Starling

Link here

Do you love to express yourself through art, writing, making or performing? Do you want to work with professional artists to develop your creativity? Want to be more social in a supportive and welcoming environment, at your own pace?

Starling run free creative activity groups for neurodivergent young people across Greater Manchester. They are all about having fun and being yourself with like-minded people. From visual arts and creative writing, to music and drama, Starling plan activities that interest you.

So, if you are aged 13-25, identify as neurodivergent and want to get creative, get in touch and click here to register to arrange a conversation with someone from the team. Starling currently have projects in Trafford, Manchester, Tameside and Oldham, but watch this space for more locations!

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Border Voices – Volunteering Call Out

Are you passionate about migration issues and storytelling? Join Border Voice’s remote team and dedicate around 15 hours per month to either transcribing, editing, or managing social media output for their online radio series on migration (listen here!)

Visit their Instagram for more information and to drop them a message, or get in touch via email:

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Manchester studio launches new service for aspiring artists, supported by Reform Radio students.

This blog post was created as part of In Focus: Content and Social Media course, funded by the Skills for Growth & European Social Fund.

We are Kao, Meg, Sarah and Anna. We have just completed the In Focus: Content and Social Media course with Reform Radio. We’d love to share our journey through the course with you! As a team, we rose to the challenge of creating a social media campaign for Manchester recording studio, Studio 88, who are launching a new product.

Over 7 weeks, we learnt about digital content creation and had lots of opportunities to gain hands on experience. Throughout the course, our marketing, video and photography skills were developed and honed. Taught by Reform Radio’s in house Content and Marketing Team, we were well placed to get to grips with the intricacies of content creation and social media. The modules covered included; social media and marketing strategies, analytics, trends, audience development, planning and implementing a social media marketing campaign and working from briefs to developing concepts.

In addition, there were valuable lessons on filming and photography, concept production and creating short form videos for platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram. Crucially, there were practical sessions which focussed on editing and post-production. This comprehensive and interesting course has provided a solid grounding in Content and Social Media, along with a professional piece of work which can evidence our skills. The tutors were knowledgeable and approachable and the whole group were lovely. 

Darrius, Samantha, M1LLZ, Meg, Kao (from left to right)

Our group worked on a brief for local recording studio, Studio 88.

“Studio 88 stands for infinite and abundant creation…in Chinese mythology it symbolizes good fortune and wealth. We try and incorporate all of these values and philosophies into the business.” – Darrius, Director of Studio 88


Studio 88 is a local multi-genre recording studio, providing a range of services for artists and producers looking to join a welcoming, creative community. It is owned and directed by Darrius Stewart (He/Him) and has studios in both central and South Manchester. Both sites are accessible and professionally equipped. New for summer 2023, Studio 88 have launched an affordable subscription package service, Create88, for all creatives with a range of benefits. The monthly package guarantees 12 hours a month in the studio along with a wealth of other benefits including the opportunity to work with in-house producers and access to the well-established and formidable creative network.  

Darrius explains: “Studio 88 MCR is much more than just a recording studio, we are a place for artists to grow and develop, turning ideas into fruition, and offering Manchester’s upcoming artists a creative space like no other.” Local beatmaker and Junior Recording Engineer Pretty Trixx describes how the studio has helped her: “I’m really a bedroom producer at heart and like to stay behind the scenes whilst making my music but the studio is slowly helping me come out of my shell and work with more creators.”

Pretty Trixx

With a passion for music as her first love Pretty Trixx has worked with notable names in the industry through being involved with Studio 88, including Kwengface and Youngz SB.

Artist and Studio 88 collaborator M1LLZ says:
“They took me in as a home. They gave me somewhere to go to show what my passion was. They did a lot. I’m now an artist.”

Studio 88 Singer, Songwriter and Manager, Samantha Mae says:
“From my manager side, I am working with 4 people; 3 artists and 1 producer/engineer. We are all in a development scheme and we’re all on the same wavelength, we want to see results and progress. In terms of my singing -songwriting, I’m helping song write for those who get writer’s block. I come up with creative ideas to get them out of that space and out of their head. I’m just trying to help everyone do what they do and what they love.”

Samantha Mae

Studio 88 prides itself on being a launchpad for upcoming artists, a safe space with a family feel for people working in all genres to come and learn to improve their music making skills and learn about themselves in the process. M1LLZ says: “They showed me how to control my breath, pronounce my words, open my mouth. All the good fundamentals that can help you find your way of doing it. That’s what they did to help me progress.”

Studio 88 has rich partnerships with other creative organisations across Manchester and the UK.  The new package can add structure to projects, guaranteeing studio time and a network to collaborate with. 

The Create88 subscription package for £150 per month is now live and includes: 

  • 12hrs Access to Studio Time [Dry Hire]
  • Member Discounts on Media Production 
  • Member mailing list / Newsletters
  • Member discount events
  • Competitions & Offers
  • Radio Play opportunities 
  • Stage performance opportunities 
  • Placements & collaborative opportunities 
  • Network & structure 

Check out the Studio88 website here!

If you want to get involved in any of our creative courses, drop us an email at

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Young Company – Royal Exchange

Young Company is the Royal Exchange Theatres’, award-winning, resident Company of Young People aged 14 – 21. Providing weekly workshops, production opportunities and free tickets to main house shows.

Young Company is for anyone who’s interested in performing, directing, design, writing, but also open to those who want a creative space with other like-minded young people. Young Company members will gain in-depth training and practical opportunities so they can develop, create and grow at the heart of a producing theatre.

Click here for more information and how to apply

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Catch-22 Digital Edge – Get into Gaming

Link: Catch-22 Digital Edge

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Black British Female: The Remixes

Hello! We are the 2023 cohort at Reform Radio’s exciting In Focus: Content and Social Media program. This is a fantastic digital content creation program aimed at uplifting people through the education of practical experience in digital content creation.

The course is funded by the Skills for Growth & European Social Fund.

Our team, Owen, Inna, Dara and Eleanor not only learned about digital content creation but also got the opportunity of delivering a social media campaign for Manchester’s rising soul star, Yemi Bolatiwa. In collaboration with SHAR, DJ Sappo and Harry’s Method she has released an eclectic remix EP of her song Black British Female.

Eleanor, Dara, Owen, Yemi, Inna (from left to right)

About the Course 

The In Focus: Content and Social Media is a comprehensive 7-week course focusing on practical experience in digital content creation. Delivered by Reform Radio’s experienced Content & Marketing Team and industry experts, this programme enhanced our skills in marketing, video, and photography.

The curriculum consisted of social media and marketing strategies, analytics, trends, and audience development, planning and social media marketing campaign conceptualisation, implementation and execution.

Other key skills gained were: the basics of filming and concept production, including creation of short-form videos for different platforms like Instagram, editing and post-production.

Yemi Bolatiwa, Manchester’s Rising Soul Star

Yemi Bolatiwa, a talented artist born south-east London and has lived in Manchester for 14 years. She has recently released a remix collaboration of her powerful anthem, “Black British Female” (BBF).

While pursuing her masters in Social Anthropology, Yemi’s love for exploration of culture and behaviour intermingled with her renewed spark for music during open mic nights. Her journey has been a natural progression, leading her to meet a band and perform at host of large and cozy gigs and festivals. Today, Yemi is actively pursuing her passion for music, and has been honing in on her songwriting craft over the past 10 years across such genres as reggae, dub, hip-hop, drum & bass, house and of course soul & RnB in all it’s forms. Her unique blend of empowerment, positivity, and exploration of identity intends to resonate with listeners, as she uses her music to address socio-political issues and foster relatability.

The Evolution of Yemi’s Musical Journey

Yemi’s musical journey began unexpectedly, as her participation in open mic nights reignited her long-lost school passion for music. Although she didn’t initially anticipate pursuing music professionally, the organic process led her to collaborate with a band and perform live PA sets with DJs. Opportunities flowed naturally and Yemi even secured a residency at Albert’s Schloss, allowing her to develop her vocal skills and learn another side to the music industry. She describes her musical path as a continuous exploration, emphasising the importance of collaboration and remaining open to new experiences.

Powerful Messages in Yemi’s Music

Yemi Bolatiwa’s music is driven by a desire to empower, spread positivity, explore identity, and highlight resilience. In her recent songs, she delves into vulnerability and shares her experiences through her music, fostering relatability with her audience. Yemi’s dedication to addressing socio-political issues is evident, as she seeks to find her people and create a sense of connection through her music. Her desire for her music to speak to people is reflected in her remix EP, featuring a variety of styles and interpretations from across the bass music spectrum.

A Song of Empowerment

The single “Black British Female” (BBF) holds a dual meaning, playing on the abbreviation “BFF” while also delivering a light-hearted approach to a serious message. The song’s second verse confronts black stereotypes and emphasises that Yemi Bolatiwa is more than those preconceptions. Musically, BBF combines elements of electronic music, drum & bass, and a fast-paced tempo to evoke a sense of energy and attitude. This serves as an undercurrent to Yemi’s exploration of identity, ultimately instilling pride and reinforcing the notion that individuals can be multi-dimensional while still making sense.

Revitalizing BBF: Remixing for New Life

Yemi enlisted three of her close friends to create remixes of BBF, breathing new life into the song and giving it a fresh perspective. Each remix brings a distinct flavour to the table: a future garage version, a heavy drum & bass rendition, and a liquid dnb dark interpretation. Of all the remixes, the garage version by SHAR struck a chord with Yemi the most, evoking memories of her youth. This collaborative effort not only provides multiple versions of the song but also amplifies its impact and showcases its versatility.

An Anthem, A revolution

Yemi Bolatiwa’s musical journey has been an enriching and organic process, fuelled by her passion for empowerment, positivity, identity exploration, and resilience. Through her music, she seeks to address socio-political issues and foster relatability among her listeners. With the release of “Black British Female” (BBF) and its accompanying remix EP, Yemi aims to create a powerful emotional connection with her audience and make her music a captivating experience that goes beyond mere listening. As she continues to collaborate and evolve, Yemi Bolatiwa’s unique voice and messages will undoubtedly resonate with a diverse audience, inspiring and empowering individuals along the way.

If you want to get involved in any of our creative courses, drop us an email at