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Pride Not Prejudice: Pride Show Created w/ Gaydio

Over the past week, Reform Radio teamed up with Gaydio to produce a one hour live pride show. Working with The Proud Trust, young creatives have produced content ranging from debates to spoken word and music tracks.

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Open Forum

Open Forum is an hour long radio show that brings together a melting pot of artists, experts and those that just want a good old chinwag about that months Open Forum topic.

This six part series funded by Audio Content Fund was originally broadcast on Gaydio and Reform Radio in 2019 and 2020.

In every episode participants explore a new theme through the medium of debate and artistic performance. The discussions have been guided with the help of two master presenters, Gaydio’s resident DJ Dean McCullough, and singer songwriter Jenna G.

The Open Forum series has dissected countless topics, from the concept of home to the meaning of sex. Scroll down to get an idea of what each episode entails.

Episode 1: IDENTITY

What does identity mean to you? Is it something you can change? Participants explore the realm of identity from a personal point of view, exploring topics such as heritage, race, DNA, and the prevalence of prejudice and privilege.

The first edition of the series welcomes live performances from rapper and producer Superlative, singer songwriter Bolatito Von May, and artist Flow.

Episode 2: SEX

Episode 2 takes the opportunity to shine a light on the topic of Sex for Wolrd AIDs day. In this edition a group of young people came together to talk about sex and the risks it can pose, with AIDs and the contracting of HIV being one of them.

As well as a lively discussion, we have two extremely moving performances from theatre maker Nathaniel J Hall, who contracted HIV the first time he had sex. The episode gives us a chance to hear his story and learn about the dangers of unsafe sex, but also celebrate the work of the NHS as well as modern science, which has dramatically improved the prognosis of those with HIV.

Through this edition, we are able to remember those that the world has lost, and encourage people to test regularly and keep taking these life saving medicines.

Episode 3: HOME

The third instalment of Open Forum hones in on the vast theme of home, tackling issues of homelessness, the environment and immigration.

In this edition, Open Forum showcased music from IORA, BOA and Emmanuela Yogolelo, and spoken word from Scarlett Rose. The show also features advice from our resident psychotherapist Dan, as well as information about housing and homelessnes from De Paul UK.


Episode 4 creates a space to dissect the topic of relationships. Discussion explore healthy and unhealthy relationships, and the importance of fostering relationships with ourselves as well as with others. Participants also look to the future to discuss the influence of science on relationships, and how far they think it could go.

This month’s edition includes music from Anamelia and Queen Tamika as well as spoken word from Emma Johnson and Sophie Silver. This show also features advice from our resident psychotherapist Dan!

Episode 5: WOMEN

In light of International Women’s Day, episode 5 explores the vast theme of Women. Participants discuss the role of women in society, the history of women, women and sex, the portrayal of women in the media, as well as the most recent #MeToo movement. The show explores what is means to be a woman with perspectives from women, transgender women, men, non – binary, gender fluid, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers, family, friends and colleagues.

Music from Queen Tamika, Boa, comedy from Rachel Fitzsimmons and some sax from jazz musician, Helena Summerfield, guided the listener through episode 5. Once again, the show also features advice from our resident psychotherapist Dan.