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AudioLab: A Space Where Science & Creativity Merge

AudioLab creates a space where young emerging creatives from different backgrounds can interact with science, and creatively learn about, explore, question, and express their voices within the field.

In 2019, The University of Manchester nominated AudioLab for the Making a Difference Awards 2019 for Outstanding public contribution.

The project presents a way of working that takes a step towards greater diversity and inclusion among both the audiences and producers of public involvement in health research. The new connections made through AudioLab resulted in 12 of the participants progressing to employment, training and voluntary roles within health, research, creative and communications environments.

Facilitated by the project leads, the emerging young talents connected with science in a series of culturally- and personally-relevant and creative sessions, culminating in their production of digital content and a one-hour live radio show.

Lets checkout 3 of the wonderful shows created through this project!

Brainwaves (2017)

The first Audio Lab was created in parter with the Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS.

Brainwaves focuses on the themes of science, creativity and mental health. The episode delves into these topics through numerous ways, such as the participants critical reviews on their experience at the Manchester Science festival, a documentary that explores the demonised and stigmatised condition of schizophrenia, and a nail-biting game on the periodic table.

Catalyst For Discovery (2018)

Funded by The Welcome Trust, with support from the NIHR Manchester Biomedical Research Centre, the second instalment of AudioLab was officially partnered with Manchester Science Festival.

Participants for the 2018 AudioLab went live from the Museum of Science and Industry, to create the show Catalyst For Discovery.  Listeners will be guided through the world of science through music, an interview with the Manchester Science Festivals director Antonio Bernitez, and an investigation into the legend of Bigfoot…

The Inner Scientist (2020)

Partnered with The Wellcome Collection and live from London – the most recent instalment of AudioLab was delivered for a week in Manchester and a week from London’s Wellcome Collection where the group had a live audience of researchers. 

The Inner Scientist explores how to make science more accessible through live performances, exclusive spoken word pieces, and a discussion with a panel of scientists!