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Get Started with Radio (Manchester)

Get Started with Radio (Manchester) is a week-long workshop designed to provide digital skills to young people in its respective area, notably of course from their homes which has provided a new dimension of learning for all involved.

In light of this our support Lead, Adam Seymour, remarked that “within five days a group of strangers have done so well to unite during lockdown to create a show packed full of really important and prevalent issues”.

Scroll down and listen back to all the shows that have been created through this project so far.

Superior Mind Blowers

Funded by the Prince’s Trust, Children In Need and Young Manchester

The project brought together a huge group of 16 – 18 years olds from a care experienced background. They created a one hour live radio show, where all the skills, content and production were developed and created over only one week.

The group created debate shows, new tracks and features that challenged everything from, ‘Stop and Search to Knife Crime’

The Buzz Show

Funded by the Irene Taylor Trust and the Prince’s Trust

The project delivered a week of music workshops where a group of young creatives jammed together and produced their very own masterpieces. Thrown into this show is some tracks that inspired the young people to create the music they showcase on this show.

Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One Before

Funded by the Prince’s Trust

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before’ is the show where we explore the history of one of Manchester’s greatest nightclubs; Sankeys. This show is filled with interviews with the DJs that played there and the people that partied there. There will also be a creative pieces made by Manchester’s young talent as well as the public’s opinion on their musical experiences.

Universal Vibes

Funded by the Prince’s Trust

Packed into this broadcast there’s a voxpop where the group went out into the public and asked the question, “If you could change the world to make it a better place, what would you change?”

The group also has a few chats about media, gaming and global warming as well as a quiz about facts to do with the world. Don’t forget live performance’s by James Lyons and participants on the course too.

Conspiracy Theory Takeover

Funded by the Prince’s Trust

This time the cohort created a show with live performance, poetry, discussions on conspiracy theories and a competition which gave the listeners a chance to win a reform hat.

Get and Go

Funded by the Prince’s Trust

For one hour only the Get & Go Takeover broadcasted the best music, arts and culture that Manchester has to offer.

The show delves into a wide variety of content. Song covers, interviews, game shows and a special guest appearance.

Reform Squad

Funded by the Prince’s Trust

Madventure Takeover

Funded by the Prince’s Trust

Putting the mad back in Madchester to quote DRS, our first this Get Started with Radio cohort took over the Reform airwaves for an hour, covering topics of…