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Funded by MAES, our Radio Course marks the closing of our projects for 2023. Over the past two weeks, our participants have been exploring presenting, script writing, the technical aspects of radio and more, all in contribution towards their own radio show to be debuted on Reform Radio.

Listen to the show below.

We caught up with two of our attendees, Violet & Helena, to hear about their antics on the programme and where they’re heading next.

Please can you introduce your name, pronouns, and what you enjoy doing in your free time.

H: I’m Helena, my pronouns are she/her. I’m currently in the process of applying for lots of jobs and I DJ disco and house music in my bedroom. One day, I hope to start playing some live DJ sets.

V: Hey, I’m Violet, my pronouns are she/her, and in my free time I do video editing for YouTubers and I livestream on Twitch – anything to keep me being creative.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

H: Personable, energetic and exquisite.

V: I’d say creative, soft-spoken and kind-hearted.

Did you have much experience in radio or presenting before? If so, what’s your favourite thing about it?

H: I presented my own monthly show on a radio station through lockdown that I recorded from home. Also, I am part of a DJ collective and I sometimes get my mixes played on Bloop London. My favourite thing about radio is how broad it is, but I have also loved learning the technical ropes of radio throughout the course too.

V: I didn’t have that much experience in radio specifically, but I have been acting since I was younger, which I think is really transferable to presenting. Since partaking in the radio course, I have loved how you can turn any topic into a show and when you bring your ideas into Reform, your ideas are always met with seriousness.

What prompted you to get involved with the Radio Course?

H: I have always loved radio and I adore Annie Mac. I was really curious to see how radio operates and keen to view the landscape of jobs within it.

V: Every weekend, we used to travel an hour and a half to visit my family after I moved to Halifax and the entire journey we would listen to the radio. I would fall asleep to it and discover music through it; sometimes I think I forget how much it means to me. I was ready to apply this passion through my time on the course.

Throughout the project, you’ve been working on your own radio shows, what have inspired your direction with these and can you tell us about the themes of your shows?

H: My group’s show is about DJing and how to break into the industry. I am always looking for guidance on the internet on how to start gigging and getting out there so we thought we’d shape a show around this struggle and hopefully help others with it too.

V: The topic of our show is ‘transitions’. When people hear the term ‘transition’, they tend to think of gender transition. However, there are three of us in my team and all of us have unique experiences of transitional periods in our lives. For me, I experienced it in relation to my gender, another one of us had a baby which changed her life a lot, and the other member of my group had a big career change. So we wanted to address this vast theme in our piece.

Let’s throw it back to your first day at Reform versus now, tell me a bit about your first impressions/feelings/emotions in comparison to how you feel now. What has changed? 

H: The biggest development I’ve noticed is how our friendships have flourished as a group over the project. I’ve loved the teamwork aspect of the course as it’s really allowed us to get to know each other and we all get along so well.

V: On the first day of the course, I was in my own head and couldn’t even speak out loud to the group. However, I have come out of my shell so much and really pushed myself to chat to everybody and get to know them. I feel sad that the course is nearly over now after growing in confidence with everybody and making some great friends with people I would never usually meet.

What will you take from the Radio Course moving forward & what are your plans from here onwards? 

H: It’s given me such a boost of confidence and motivation to enjoy the creative scene in Manchester more. It’s also confirmed how much I want to work in a creative role.

V: I agree with Helena; my confidence has grown huge amounts. Also, I can’t wait to take the knowledge I have gained through the course with me in terms of sound set-ups and exploring the Reaper software. My dream job of sound-editing or voice acting no longer feels like a dream; it feels so much more reachable now.

If you could have any guest on your own radio show, who would it be?

H: I think it would have to be Annie Mac. I would love to be her mate and it would be so cool to flip the dynamic of her being a presenter, to her being a guest on a show.

V: I have two people I’d love to interview on a show. The first one would be Matthew Mercer, who is a big voice actor. It would be nice to chat to him about his journey from being a nerdy kid that played video games, to being one of the biggest video game voice actors. The second one would be my partner’s mother. She is such a lovely person and has been through so much in her life, both good and bad. It would be great to sit down with her and let her story be told.

Find out more about our Radio Course here and explore our future projects hereIf you like the look of any of them, drop our lovely Engagement team an email at

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Caveman recently featured on the Jorgy & Cheech Show and shut the studio down. The MC come Creative Facilitator recently released his new EP ‘Civilized Habits’, and we were treated to a live session and chit chatter on the airwaves in celebration.

Caveman has been making a name for himself as a lyrical master on the UK hip-hop scene, with his thought-provoking words and striking story-telling. When Caveman gets behind the mic, we are invited in to hear about his personal urban experiences as he openly and authentically speaks his truth.

Watch the full live sessions below & listen back to the full show.


Seasonal Mail Sorter – Royal Mail

Rolling recruitment, link here

These roles are based in the following 2 locations:

  • Manchester Mail Centre, 77 Oldham Road, Manchester, M4 5AA 
  • Manchester Distribution, 77 Oldham Road, Manchester, M4 5AA 

Pay and shift patterns

Most sites offer a range of shifts, so finding one that suits you should be simple. Typical shift patterns include:

  • Lates: 14:00 – 22:00 (£13.63 p/h) Manchester Mail Centre Only
  • Nights: 22:00 – 06:00 (£14.81 p/h)
  • Earlies: 06:00 – 14:00 (£12.29 p/h) Manchester Mail Centre Only
  • Please only apply for a Seasonal role at one location. You may be considered for other sites in your local area, but multiple applications will be deleted
  • On your application, you’ll be asked which hours you’d prefer to work – This allows your application to be processed effectively. Please ensure that you choose one of the shift patterns above (if you’re under 18, you can’t legally work night shifts). Shifts are offered on a first come, first serve basis. And whilst we try to be accommodating, flexibility is a must during the busiest time of year
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Upcoming Residents’ Events (January)

Every month we spotlight our lovely residents’ events. Here are a few ways to get into the new year groove this January.


Boring is a vibrant music, theatre and art festival set across multiple unique venues in Haarlem, Netherlands. Curating the Friday night line-up at Schuur, Sizzlers host INA will be joined behind the decks by the Bristol-based producer and dj Cowper.

Boring Festival – 19:00-24:00, 20th January 2023

Venue: Schuur (Haarlem, Netherlands)

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Upcoming Residents’ Events (December)

Every month we spotlight our lovely residents’ events. Here are a few ways to get into the festive spirits in Manchester this December.


Good Custard are back this month, taking over Ramona with all resident line up. The entry is free, however the spaces are limited, so come down early, to make sure you don’t miss out.


On Saturday 3rd of December catch our residents Not Bad For A Girl at Old Abbey Taphouse w/ Syntax, Kisa + more…


Sundays just got much better… On the 18th of December Band On The Wall welcomes our resident Andrea Trout for Soulful Sundays session alongside Ruby Swallow.


Real cowboys never run…..
…..they just ride away….

Buckle up buckaroos, looks like we got ourselves a hoedown. The notorious Semi Peppered & Building:Bridges Outlaw Federation is pardnerin’ up with one of the baddest bronco posses, She Will Provide. Together, this hair-triggered triarchy is running the hardest barn dance this wild wild North West desert ever did see. 🤠

First up on the rodeo roster is no stranger to knee-high boots and a buccaneering attitude, it’s Ambient Babestation Meltdown. The London-based DJ and producer has spent the last few years cooking up gunslingin’ EBM, techno & electroclash topped with trademark sultry spoken word, culminating this year in her debut release on Optimo – a 4 tracker tighter than Yosemite Sam’s keks. 💥

Up next is absolutely NO yeller belly, up on that there saddle is Mama Char. One of the quickest draws in the county! She’ll be bringing the percussive pressure to our saloon stick up, guaranteed to get your booties square dancing til the devil bitin’ your ass. 👹

Together, we’ll be kicking down the barn doors of Lurid Ultra Hybrid – a lawless landscape in the Islington Mill desert, where cowboys, townsfolk, bandits and do-gooders forget the day’s toils, swig moonshine and make merry ‘til high noon


Mental Health Advice With Dan Owens-Cooper

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Back in October 2021, we proudly joined the BBC 6 Music family and started producing ‘The People’s Party’, hosted by Afrodeutsche. Nine months down the line and we are still loving that we get to produce this incredible show every Friday. A big thank you to everyone listening, we couldn’t have done it without you! 

This month, Locked Groove took on the ‘Unmixable Challenge’, where two tracks contrasting in musical style are selected and mixed together, resulting in a mindblowing blend of genres (or so they hope). The two tracks Locked Groove was challenged to mix this time running were Radiohead’s ‘Idioteque’ and ‘Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’ by Bombalurina. Would you take on the challenge? Listen below to see how he did. 

This May, 6 Music celebrated 25 years since the release of Radiohead’s iconic ‘OK Computer’ album. On the People’s Party, we delved into Radiohead’s electronic influence, playing the artists who have been inspired by their music. 

Electronic artist and Radiohead remixer Nathan Fake played us out with a Radiohead-inspired Phones Down Finale guest mix. 

Veronica Vasicka, musician, DJ, and founder of Minimal Wave record label brought us a Phones Down Finale mix as we celebrated Afrodeutsche’s All Points East festival (APE) curation.

Returning for the second year in a row, BBC Radio 6 will be making another appearance at Victoria Park’s well-loved APE. The line-up has been curated by Afrodeutsche, alongside Gilles Peterson, Mary Anne Hobbs, Tom Ravenscroft, Jamz Supernova and Don Letts – the other 6 Music station presenters. With a spectacular line up of artists such as DJ Storm, Sherelle and Nia Archives joining the 6 Music stage, it’s set to be cosmic. 

In May we also welcomed duo Henry Counsell and Louis Curran, who together make Joy Anonymous. They chatted to us about their community-driven pop-up music events and took on the Unmixable Challenge.

‘The People’s Party’ is wholeheartedly, for the people. We created this show for listeners to feel connected, with each avid listener’s input adding to the inspiration of the shows to follow. So, if you’re not already tuning in every Friday, we urge you to whack on the volume – wherever you are – and tune in from 7PM – 9PM. It’s a Friday night celebration you simply won’t regret! 

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Upcoming Events from Reform Residents (December)

Every month we are promoting events hosted by our very own residents. Scroll down to find out what events are taking place this December.

ACTUP + Get Down: The Official Post-Show Afterparty

You can catch Reform Radio residents Supernature Disco and Mix-Stress playing at the afterparty for the end of a national run for the acclaimed play – “First Time” (By Dibby Theatre/Nathaniel Hall) about people’s first time having sex. Nathaniel Hall who is a theatre maker and HIV activist took part in the Tough Talks podcast series, that were produced by Reform Radio for Hits Radio Pride. You can check out all the episodes by clicking here.

The event will also celebrate 36 yrs of HIV Activism in Manchester and will take place at Contact Theatre on the 4th December from 10pm.

Get more information about the event here and get your tickets here.


You are all welcome on Thursday 16th December to join some regular night of proper club music in the dark and loud surroundings of AATMA, with artists like Miley, Esmé or very own Reform Radio’s Infant Hercules.
Get ready to get lost in sound.

Check the flyer below and get tickets here.

Christmas Knees Up

Fun time party crews Regal Disco & OneFiveEight join forces for a good old Christmas knee’s up, on the 17th of December from 11pm to 4am at YES.
Strictly fun and vibes heavy on the dancefloor. Expect some global rhythms, disco, funk, bass and everything on between.

Refuge NYE

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Reform residents DJ Paulette and Supernature Disco at ‘Come As You Are’ that will take place in the usual place – Refuge. From 7pm till 2am, move to the rhythm of soul, disco and funk and count down the bongs in style with a whole host of familiar faces and fantastic folk.

Purchase tickets here.


Raise the Bar: SK-47

Raise the Bar is a video series that showcases artists delivering freestyles or live performances on our resident’s shows.

For their last show Jorgy & Cheech invited RnB singer Fliss to perform one of her intoxicating melodic singles live in the studio. This time they’re diving into the world of drill with an exclusive freestyle from SK-47. The artist only released his first track 4 months ago and is already carving his way in the scene. Listen to his latest track below.

Aside from the freestyle, Jorgy & Cheech sit down with SK-47 to have his first live interview. Listen to the full show to learn about the artist’s production process and hear an exclusive play of his unreleased track.

Watch the full video of SK-47 performing below.

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Secret Night Gang sign to Brownswood

Following on from their now legendary (because we said so) live session as part of our stage at We Out Here; Online & On Air in 2020, Manchester’s SNG sign to Brownswood.

Handpicked by Gilles Peterson from Manchester’s vibrant live music scene, and newly signed to Brownswood, 2021 set to be the main stage for them to breeze on to the scene, as a multi-generational band breathing new life into the classic British street-soul sound, founded by singer/song-writer Kemani Anderson, multi-instrumentalist and song-writer Callum Connell and Manchester music scene stalwart Stuart Whitehead.

Kemani started singing as a child in the pentecostal church “I would hear songs sung about life, joy, happiness, sorrow and pain. Hearing such beautiful gospel music growing up as a child and even to this day was and is the reason why I’m so into music now and going forwards. Gospel music has a special place in my heart as it would be the genre of music I would hear my mother sing and shine on the praise and worship team or hear my brother play bass/drums a long with the other musicians in the church.” He connected with Callum at school, where they played in the steel pan band together. Having a shared love of writing music they bonded sharing their own influences from gospel, folk, soul funk and R&B. Together, encouraged by their music teacher Tom Burford (aka Rhythm Section’s Contours) they started attending jam nights like ‘Jam Street’ and ‘Matt and Phreds’. From these nights they connected with bass player Stuart Whitehead in 2018, and after a summer of endless late nights was spent rehearsing and writing at Old Trafford rehearsal rooms next to a tram yard, decided to form Secret Night Gang. With the band expanding to include drummer Myke Wilson (52nd Street, The Jazz Defektors, Swing Out Sister) and Jack Duckham on guitar, the generations come together to carve out their own lane, a real celebration of exceptional songwriting and musicianship to expand on their indefinable eclectic sound.

Check out their session below and head over to here to grab a copy of the latest single, The Sun.