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A group of unique individuals from our most recent Music Course have come together to combine their culture, expression and passion. Oh and how can we forget about their love for dogs; more specifically our esteemed mascot Baxter Beans

This radio-show will help you visualise the participants’ individualism, yet highlighting the colourful tastes they share in all things music. Despite being distant and collaborating online due to COVID-19 regulations, the team managed to work together and produce a professional audio project.

Special thanks to Manchester Adult Education Service for funding this project.

Funders Projects The Prince’s Trust

Agency Unlocked (Funded by the Prince’s Trust)

Coming straight out of our project for the new Kickstart Scheme, is a show featuring gripping conversations on Feminism, Mental Health, and Neurodiversity.

Agency Unlocked is a show delivering discussions on controversial yet important issues from multiple perspectives of our local youth in society. An attempt to collect diverse answers from multiple demographics and backgrounds to create a holistic image on systemic issues.

Massive thanks to Prince’s Trust and the Future Workforce Fund for funding this project.

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New Music: Sonic Synthesis – Roots by China Lilly, SINDYSMAN, Micco,Elias

Rhythm Lab Records has new music coming out of their most recent project Sonic Synthesis.

Rhythm Lab Records is an independent record label run out of Manchester (UK) with a history of fostering local and international collaborations in a sustainable and forward-thinking manner.

Sonic Sythesis is a project where artists that have never met before create a track independently of one another – and subsequently swap each other’s STEMS in order to create a unique re-work of each other’s original tracks.

The second release to come out of the series is Roots, a collaboration EP between China Lilly X Sindysman & Micco X Elias. The tracks glides from soulful experimental electronic sounds to remixed fast-paced garage influenced beats.

Sonic Synthesis: Roots will be released on Wednesday 28th April.

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Secret Night Gang sign to Brownswood

Following on from their now legendary (because we said so) live session as part of our stage at We Out Here; Online & On Air in 2020, Manchester’s SNG sign to Brownswood.

Handpicked by Gilles Peterson from Manchester’s vibrant live music scene, and newly signed to Brownswood, 2021 set to be the main stage for them to breeze on to the scene, as a multi-generational band breathing new life into the classic British street-soul sound, founded by singer/song-writer Kemani Anderson, multi-instrumentalist and song-writer Callum Connell and Manchester music scene stalwart Stuart Whitehead.

Kemani started singing as a child in the pentecostal church “I would hear songs sung about life, joy, happiness, sorrow and pain. Hearing such beautiful gospel music growing up as a child and even to this day was and is the reason why I’m so into music now and going forwards. Gospel music has a special place in my heart as it would be the genre of music I would hear my mother sing and shine on the praise and worship team or hear my brother play bass/drums a long with the other musicians in the church.” He connected with Callum at school, where they played in the steel pan band together. Having a shared love of writing music they bonded sharing their own influences from gospel, folk, soul funk and R&B. Together, encouraged by their music teacher Tom Burford (aka Rhythm Section’s Contours) they started attending jam nights like ‘Jam Street’ and ‘Matt and Phreds’. From these nights they connected with bass player Stuart Whitehead in 2018, and after a summer of endless late nights was spent rehearsing and writing at Old Trafford rehearsal rooms next to a tram yard, decided to form Secret Night Gang. With the band expanding to include drummer Myke Wilson (52nd Street, The Jazz Defektors, Swing Out Sister) and Jack Duckham on guitar, the generations come together to carve out their own lane, a real celebration of exceptional songwriting and musicianship to expand on their indefinable eclectic sound.

Check out their session below and head over to here to grab a copy of the latest single, The Sun.


BuddyLine: Connect w/ the Elder Community & Create a Radio Show (Funded by MAES)

BuddyLine is a series of intergenerational telephone conversations between people from the Sonder Radio Community of over 60s and the Reform Radio Community of under 30s.

Taking advantage of the technology available to us, the conversations will be remotely recorded from each of their homes. Through these honest conversations, our listeners enter into an intimate and genuine meeting between two people who would not otherwise interact in everyday society.

Participants will be committed to a week long training learning transferable communication skills such as storytelling, active listening, interview techniques, radio presenting and also the technology side of radio with the responsibility of recording, producing and editing these calls into a show that will be played weekly. 

This project starts on on Monday 27th May, running from 10AM – 4PM. There is also a taster session on Thursday 13th May from 12:30 – 2:30pm.


Music Course: Produce Music & Showcase Your Creation on a Radio Show (Funded by MAES)

This programme will see you create your own music track whilst developing your employability skills along the way.

Throughout the two week project, you’ll develop skills in music software, DJing, song and lyric writing as well as a variety of other skills in promoting your track and talking to the media. At the end of the week, you will have produced a full track that will air on Reform Radio.

The course takes place for two weeks starting on Monday 4th May, 10AM – 4PM from Monday to Friday.

Please note, there will be a taster session on Thursday 29th April from 12:30 – 2:30pm.


Online Work Club: Find Your Next Steps (Funded by Manchester City Council)

Find your next steps at our Work Club this Thursday 29th April, with a full session based on opportunities for the future.

It includes a number of speakers who discuss various opportunities available, as well as 1-1s and pastoral sessions, are also available.

See flyer for details & to get involved.

Session will take place online via ZOOM.

Funders Projects The Prince’s Trust

Nu Reality (Funded by the Prince’s Trust)

As the end of the pandemic looms, we explore our Nu Reality.
A nostalgic look at the past,
finding jobs in the present,
and a whole new future.

Expect nostalgic music, interviews on workplace opportunities with Sharp Futures, and hopeful talks of the future from Reform Radio’s Jade.

Hosted by a group of Manchester creatives who came together as part of the kickstart project funded by the Prince’s Trust and the Future Workforce Fund.


Podcasting Course: Create Your Own Show (Funded by MAES)

This course will be delving into developing skills in music production, radio production, social media and creative writing. The two week course will result in a 1 hour live radio show on Reform Radio.

The course is from 3rd – 14th May (weekdays only) from 10AM -4PM.

The taster session will take place on Thursday 29th April.

See flyer for details & to get involved.


Buddy Line: Connect w/ the Elder Community & Create a Radio Show (Funded by MAES)

BuddyLine was set up in order to help combat loneliness during these tough periods of self-isolation. Our aim is to improve wellbeing through the power of communication by pairing two complete strangers and starting a regular phone conversation.

This is a partnership between Reform Radio and Sonder Radio, funded by Audio Content Fund and continued support from the Manchester Adult Education Service (MAES).

BuddyLine will start on Monday 17th May.

See flyer for details & to get involved.