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Are you looking for the next step in your career or creative pursuits? Look no further than Next Steps, our online session that offers valuable career advice and the chance to meet professionals in various creative fields.

The session, funded by Manchester City Council, is completely free to attend and is taking place on 26th April 3.30PM – 5.30PM.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with professionals and gain valuable insights into your future career. Sign up for Next Steps today and take the first step towards realizing your creative dreams!

See the flyer below for more details.

Projects Upcoming Projects


Are you on the hunt for your dream job but struggling to get past the application stage? You’re not alone! In today’s competitive job market, it’s more important than ever to make sure your CV and cover letter stand out from the crowd. That’s where our free CV Sessions come in.

Funded by Manchester City Council, this one-day session is designed to help you perfect your CV, application forms, and cover letters. You’ll learn how to showcase your skills and experience in a way that catches the eye of potential employers. Plus, we’ll work on interview skills and improving your confidence, so you’re ready to impress when it comes to the big day.

Not only will you walk away with a killer CV and improved interview skills, but you’ll also have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and build your professional network. And did we mention it’s completely free to attend?

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our CV Sessions course today and take the first step towards landing your dream job!

The next session will take place on Monday 3rd April from 1PM – 4PM at Reform Radio.

See the flyer below for further details.


Raise The Bar: Frisko

Recently, we had the pleasure of welcoming Manchester’s very own Frisko to our studios who delivered an impressive freestyle on the latest Jorgy and Cheech show. Frisko has made a name for himself in the music industry, having released numerous tracks on Manchester’s Room2 records label.

Frisko, as he is known in the industry, recently delivered the latest release from Room2 records, produced by Kydro. The track showcases his exceptional lyrical prowess as he details his readiness to fight and stay active in the music scene.

Frisko’s unique style and undeniable talent have helped him gain recognition and respect from fans and fellow musicians alike. His music carries a certain energy and intensity that draws listeners in and keeps them hooked.

Listen back to the show with Frisko to hear more and watch the performance below.

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When the Co-Op Foundation came to us looking to make a short series podcast to promote their new cooperative strategy. Working closely with a group of young people, they developed a vision for how organisations can run in the future.

We helped them to bring together a range of experts and young people to discuss their process, outcomes, and obstacles. The result was a three part series showcasing the achievements of the strategy.

Listen to the series here.

Featured Podcast Podcasts


We have been producing the award-winning Kaplan’s Learn Better Podcast since the start of 2021. The podcast is made for those currently studying or about to study professional accountancy qualifications.

From wellbeing to industry related topics, host Stuart Pedley Smith interviews key industry players and current students to discover more about the current work/training landscape.

Previous guests have discussed the importance of diversity in finance, the global opportunities accountancy can bring, and how Artificial Intelligence will transform the industry.

Kaplan’s Learn Better Podcast won Podcast of the Year at the PQ Magazine Awards in 2022 and 2024.

Featured Podcast Podcasts


If you head to the reopened Manchester Museum and find the South Asian Gallery, you will hear an aural exhibit produced by Reform Radio. The first gallery in the UK dedicated to the stories of the South Asian diaspora, the exhibit features stories from the South Asian LGBTQ+ community, which were recorded and put together by Reform.

Featured Podcast Podcasts


Reform Radio produced BBC Sounds weekly mix series Focus Beats from October 2022 until the brand was rested in April 2024. Doing exactly what it says on the tin, Focus Beats is a curated mix of beats and instrumental tracks designed to help you concentrate. Whether you’re working, studying, or focusing on a hobby, this is your soundtrack.

Every few weeks the mix was curated by a very special guest, organised and produced by our team. These guest curators included musicians, producers, and productivity influencers, all with the aim of bringing the brand to a wider audience.

You can hear mixes from the likes of influencers Grace Beverley and Ali Abdaal, and musicians Moonchild, ELIZA, Surprise Chef, and Sampa the Great.

Check out previous shows here.

Bespoke video content

The BBC Sounds team also commissioned us to make bespoke video content for the Focus Beats series, created by our in-house content team. This included a video tied into the BBC’s 50 years of Hip-Hop celebrations, in which our team took to the streets of Manchester. They challenged local passers by to listen to iconic hip-hop instrumentals and guess the artist. This was a perfect example of how we are always injecting fun and creativity into our productions.


How many of these hip hop instrumentals do you know? 🎧 We put the people of Manchester to the test! As part of our celebration of 50 years since the birth of hip hop, you can listen to special episodes of Focus Beats with instrumentals to help you stay in the zone 🙇 #hiphopbeats #hiphopinstrumental #guessthesong #manchester

♬ original sound – BBC Radio 6 Music

Can’t Focus? Tune into Focus Beats now & drown out that noise. 😇 Listen on BBC Sounds on demand! 💖 #bbcsounds

♬ original sound – Reform Radio
Featured Podcast Podcasts


When Manchester’s first city centre park in over a century opened its gates, we teamed up with the National Lottery Heritage Fund to explore the past, present and future of the site.

In this three part series we delved into the rich history of Mayfield Park, looking at The River, The Green Space, and The Culture of this area. Featuring archival audio from Manchester’s Central Library archive, this series features guests like author Robert Graham and Hacienda legend DJ Paulette.

The whole series was produced by young producer Jamie Green, who joined Reform on a Kickstart placement, with on site audio recordings, vox pops and interviews conducted by a group of Manchester Adult Education Service participants.

Read more about Jamie’s journey here. The podcast itself hopes to have its own legacy within the site, with QR codes to be placed on windows, allowing visitors to listen to episodes whilst immersing themselves in the park. Listen now.

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Behind The Scenes: In Focus Radio (Funded by ESF & Skills For Growth)

Our In Focus: Radio recently wrapped up in late February. During this course, participants learned about audio production, presenting, music sequencing, research and interview skills, recording, editing & sound design, industry advice and knowledge on BBC systems. 

We caught up with Nadya, one of the participants on the course to see how they got on.

Please introduce yourself/name/pronouns?

My name is Nadya Vella, my pronouns are she/her. 

Please can you tell us a little bit about yourself? What are your interests? What are your hobbies?

I’m a Canadian DJ based in Manchester. My hobbies obviously include music and fashion too. Yeah, to be honest, outside of my day job I am working on lots of different things to do with music and otherwise I am a simple girl. 

What interests you about radio and audio in general?

Well, something that interests me about it is that on a global scale you are connecting to people and things you know very little about, but can enjoy at the same time. I love the elements of music, which also feels universal as you don’t necessarily need to speak the same language to understand. I enjoy the intricacies of radio, you may have one person talking but a whole team of people are there producing it. So with this course, it was really nice to kind of see that unfold for me and grasp all the different elements involved. 

What’s your favourite aspect about radio/audio? 

Yeah, I guess it’s that idea of connection and of course the platforms. I think with the kind of radio stations like Reform, for me, and even like the BBC, I do really love that aspect of freedom and self-expression that you can have with showcasing things that touch you, or you think is fire. It’s really nice to be able to just put yourself out there in a way that is safe and you are able to share things that are important to you. 

When and how did you realise that you wanted to be involved with radio/audio?

When I was Year 8, in school in Canada we had optional classes. I took TV & Radio, because I thought it sounded easy and interesting. It focused on video editing, how to run a radio show and about its structures. It was a light overview of a full production. Me and my friends then kickstarted our junior high radio show. So its all kind of continued on since then. I got deeper into my craft with age and time, especially my DJing and as I put more time into it, radio became an obvious route.

What have you gained from this course? 

What systems the BBC use, how things are correlated between people working and making sure they get paid for tracks and audio. I enjoyed learning about the Reaper software. I noticed that having a relationship with your producer can really elevate your radio shows.

What’s your biggest aspiration for creating or working in audio/radio?

I would love to do a BBC 1 Residency and I know there have been Canadians that have done it, but I’d love to show up for East Africa as well and to be a representative on a platform like the BBC would be amazing. 

Where do you see yourself after this is all finished?

On a beach! Also I do hope my radio show becomes tighter, maybe with new connections I have made through this course, new opportunities may arise and I am hopeful that they will. I would like to collaborate with these same like minded individuals to push ourselves to the forefront of what a good radio show looks like.

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Introducing ‘Made The Same Way’: A Brand New Podcast Blending Science and Music

What happens when you mix a biologist and a badass female MC? The result is a unique and captivating blend of raw talent, honest insights, and rhymes about the fascinating process of fertilisation. Get ready to have your mind blown and your senses awakened as “Made The Same Way” takes you on a journey through the wonders of human development.

“Made The Same Way”, a revolutionary new podcast hosted by Manchester’s very own OneDa. Bringing together scientists and emerging female rappers, this experimental podcast dives headfirst into the fascinating world of human development – from the moment sperm meets egg, all the way up until the day we are born.

No question is off-limits as these dynamic pairs discuss what makes us human and explore the intricacies of where we come from. With each of the eight episodes, listeners will be privy to the creative process, as the pairs collaborate on an original piece inspired by their conversations.

“Made The Same Way” is a collaborative project between Manchester production company Reform Radio and the Wellcome-funded Human Developmental Biology Initiative (HDBI). This groundbreaking podcast challenges traditional views on science, life, and music, and is sure to captivate and enlighten audiences around the world.

Listen to the episodes and remember to rate, comment and review here:

Get ready to be inspired, entertained, and educated like never before with “Made The Same Way” – the podcast that’s changing the game for science and music lovers everywhere.


Raise The Bar: Superlative

Introducing Superlative – one of Manchester’s finest artists.With rhythm that’ll make you move and lyrics that pack a punch, Superlative’s talent is undeniable. This 26-year-old producer and rapper is on the fast track to greatness, and we’re here for it.

Superlative‘s artistic talents know no bounds, spanning music videos, songwriting, rapping, and performing. He’s a true jack-of-all-trades, and his success is evident from his long list of accomplishments. He’s been named Red Bull‘s Raise the Bar Winner, featured in a Manchester Evening News article, and been introduced on BBC1 & 1XTRA. His track was also chosen as BBC6 Music’s Track of the Week, he’s been on Barz in Carz, and reached No. 3 in the Amazing Music Radio Charts. This guy is the real deal.

His upcoming single ‘Deja You’ is due to drop 25th April, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for its release!

Listen back to the full show to find out more about Superlative and all that went down with Jorgy & Cheech in the studio.

Watch the full performance below.

Listen back to the show here.

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Music Course (FUNDED BY MAES)

Are you a music lover looking to take your creativity to the next level? Do you have a passion for radio production, social media, and creative writing? Well, have we got the workshop for you!

Introducing the Music Course – a two-week program focused on music production and creating your own radio show to showcase your original creations. Funded by the amazing Manchester Adult Education Service, this project runs from April 10th to April 21st, with a taster day on April 5th.

Get ready to rock your socks off as you learn all the ins and outs of music production and show off your talents to the world through your very own radio show. This is a great opportunity to hone your skills, unleash your creativity, and take your love for music to new heights.

Drop us an email at to get involved in this project. Check out the flyer below for more details – we can’t wait to see you there!

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Creative Leadership (FUNDED BY MAES)

Do you dream of being your own boss and running a successful business? If so, you’ll want to take advantage of our upcoming 4-day course dedicated to all things freelancing!

Creative Leadership is a comprehensive course that will teach you everything you need to know about facilitation, funding, taxes, and what it takes to be a freelancer. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, this course will give you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed.

Learn how to understand your audience, navigate self-employment, and manage your taxes. You’ll also gain invaluable skills in facilitating workshops, delivering socially engaged projects, writing funding bids, working with partners, planning sessions, and evaluating success.

The course will be held on March 30th, 31st and 6th, 14th April from 10AM to 4PM, so mark your calendars and get ready to learn from the best in the business.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your freelancing game to the next level. Check out the flyer below for all the details on how to get involved, or drop us an email at

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Behind The Scenes – In Focus: Content & Social Media (Funded by ESF & Skills For Growth)

We are Toju, Mike and Nat – participants of the latest In Focus: Content and Social Media course which just finished and we are thrilled to share some exciting insights with you! We worked on a creative brief to produce a social media strategy for a local clothing designer, Rhea Barry, who has just released her new collection.

About the Course 

The In Focus: Content and Social Media was a comprehensive 7-week course designed to help individuals gain practical experience in digital content creation. Delivered by Reform Radio’s experienced Content & Marketing Team and industry experts, this programme was amazing at helping us develop our skills in marketing, video, and photography.

The course consisted of structured modules, covering topics such as social media and marketing strategies, analytics, trends, and audience development, planning and implementing a social media marketing campaign, and working from briefs to developing concepts. We also learnt the basics of filming and concept production, including creating short-form videos for different platforms like TikTok and Instagram, and editing and post-production.

The course was funded by the Skills for Growth & European Social Fund.

Our Group worked on a project for a local fashion designer as a part of the programme.

In Focus Participants Toju, Mike and Nat

Rhea B is a clothing designer and seamstress based in Cheetham Hill, Manchester. She is the one woman show behind ‘RB Funky Creations’; clothing company boasting one-of-a-kind and small-batch pieces all designed, cut, sewn and packaged by Rhea herself.


Known for her signature ‘woodland fairy’ aesthetic, as well as her use of creative up-cycling, Rhea’s online platform has garnered an impressive following on social media platforms.

Rhea B champions the philosophy of ‘Slow Fashion’ and wastes absolutely zero fabric. She sources materials from end of line fabrics, charity shop items and eBay deadstock as well as some locally sourced new fabrics.

To mark the drop of her new collection, Reform Radio were lucky enough to host Rhea B at the station to meet her, shoot some of her clothing, and ask her some questions about her process.

Rhea handmakes new collections with drops every couple of months. They are all one of a kind or small batch pieces ranging in sizes Xs-3XL. Rhea works from her Manchester studio and designs, cuts, sews, packages and posts everything herself. She uses a mix of new fabrics, end of line and recycles old clothes to create her designs, so everything is unique. 

Purple Pixi Drop is a mix of tops, skirts and accessories. Running theme of the collection is a focus on trimmings, lace up detail and beaded fringing. Merging the colour purple with all the shades and textures that are made when Rhea combines lace, mesh velvet and stretch jerseys (always focused on comfort as well!). Rhea also saves all the scraps from cutting out the designs and uses these to create her patchwork gloves and panels so nothing is wasted. 

Images from the shoot

If you want to get involved in the next In Focus: Content & Social Media course, drop us an email at

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IWD at Reform Radio

International Women’s Day is a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. At Reform Radio, we’re proud to join the millions of people around the world who are marking this important day by highlighting the achievements of women, both past and present, and showcasing the incredible work that women are doing in our community and beyond. From creative workshops and events to inspiring stories and interviews, here’s a look at some of the ways we’re celebrating IWD this year.

Get involved in our free up and coming creative workshops. For any questions or to register, drop us an email at

Positive Frequencies (6th – 10th March)

HERchester UP NORTH (Various Locations March – May)

Radio Gaga (Mondays for 8 weeks)

Listen to our most recent Made The Same Way podcast, A collaborative project between Reform Radio and the Wellcome funded ‘Human Developmental Biology Initiative’ (HDBI), each episode introduces one emerging artist and one knowledgeable researcher to discuss science, life, and music. The series are hosted by Manchester rapper Oneda, bringing together scientists and emerging female rappers.

Do As You Please Open Decks Event at Joshua Brooks

Our very own DJ Sessions delivery partner is hosting an open deck and open mic event in the infamous Joshua Brooks, it’s free entry, so there are no excuses not to come.

Rewind to Reform’s Women/Non-Binary Resident Shows



“To be able to share the skills I have learnt over the years…with people who reminded me so much of myself when I first started was an amazing experience. The more I look back at the programme the more I see how important these types of things are for women, queer and gender minority artists in our industry.”

Cape Town producer and record label owner Rose Bonica reflects on her experience for the past 6 months. A beautiful period where a new international collaboration programme came to life and the 4 track EP Mutualism was born.

Mutualism EP is a joyous moment, which sees two communities reach out across continents to experiment and empower. A journey that spans African percussion, tinges of jungle, and beautifully sublime vocal performances.

The seeds of this EP were planted early last year. South African community organiser connected with Reform Radio, record label Rhythm Lab Records and Rose Bonica, to create an online space where 3 musicians from underserved communities in the Western Cape of South Africa collaborate on a track with 3 established Manchester producers. Alongside this collaboration, Rose worked with the selected group of young musicians aged between 18 and 35 to help develop new skills, knowledge and connections within the music industry.

The Manchester heavy hitters in question were Murder He Wrote, Obeka and Ellen Beth Abdi. The experienced artists mentored the South African participants, guiding them through the process of creating, structuring and releasing music for a label.

Vocalist and music maker Ellen Beth Abdi paired up with electronic artist Singlemotheroftwo. The two’s production style and instruments played didn’t align, but Ellen celebrated this as the “difference actually lent itself really well to the creative process as we filled in the blanks for each other when creating the track.” The track created from this collaboration is Teething Problems, an etherial breaks track filled with atmospheric vocals and out of this world sounds and piano chords that sew all elements together beautifully.

Me Gusta resident Obeka joined forces with singer songwriter Chulu to produce Alone, a track inspired by one of their very first conversations on the feeling of longing to be around family but being distanced by circumstance. Chulu talks on how they wanted to create “something that felt like a siren call to home…placing it in sounds people often turn to when looking for release.” “We created a narrative to the song which communicates togetherness and understanding of unification through music” Obeka adds, “if we harness this and take care of the people around us you’ll never be alone!”

And finally, we have UK funky legend Murder He Wrote and house enthusiast Shanzo making the third duo. The two created Lemons, a track that radiates positivity and good vibes with its warm melodies and dynamic yet chill percussion pattern.

“Working with an established artist was very exciting,” Shanzo reminisces. “I saw it as an opportunity to elevate the current place my art is at…The collaboration, while a little outside of my comfort zone, felt very natural and helped me engage with my writing in particular in a new and exciting way.”

The exchange of skills was not just a one way street. Seasoned producer Murder He Wrote shares how the collaboration encouraged him to see producing in a new light. “Shanzo brought real positivity, creativity and good vibes to our zoom sessions and also a different way of working to me – more melody led (and in different software too). It’s definitely inspired me to switch up my way of approaching a track.” 

Listen to the full EP below.